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Over 120,000 ad websites blocked

Break free of ads that are annoying, intrusive manipulative

The ad business is getting out of hand. In order to be more relevant they also attempt at tracking your every step. What you do, what you like and what you shop. With DnsAdBlock you can completely deny their access with a single click.

Customizable DNS rules
Time to regain your digital privacy

Machine learning and deep learning are no longer sci-fi subjects. These technologies are constantly tweaking and adapting based on your browsing history with an ultimate goal of serving you relevant ads, derrived from your online activity.

Say No to deceptive and manipulative ads

With scandals such as Cambridge Analytica we now know for sure how our data is used against us in a manipulative manner in order to politically influence us or to change our perspective towards certain products, ideas or even beliefs. Knowing your browsing history they can target and manipulate you on a subliminal level. DnsAdBlock will completely deny their requests for showing ads or attempting to track you.

Ridiculously low pricing


Works on any device

Up and running with a simple change of your DNS server. No software to install!

Customizable DNS rules

Changing your DNS server takes only a minute. Just browse our list of locations and pick something that suits your needs. You're good to go in no time.

Over 50 locations to choose from

It's entirely your decision wether to connect to a nearby server or a remote one in order to unlock content or bypass geo-restrictions. We're covering all major continents and we've only just started.

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