Block social media

Reclaim your time by blocking distracting websites

We keep track and continuously check and update our list of social media websites

Customizable DNS rules

With our DNS servers you can block all social media websites with a single click. Our list contains hundreds of social media websites.

Reclaim your time and be productive

You can count on our DNS servers to filter out any social media websites and focus on the productive part of your day with a lot more time on your hands. Don't worry, you won't miss much.

Block social media at work

Are your employees wasting too much time on social media websites? Use dnsadblock to block all those requests right at the DNS level.

Ridiculously low pricing


Works on any device

Up and running with a simple change of your DNS server. No software to install!

Customizable DNS rules

Changing your DNS server takes only a minute. Just browse our list of locations and pick something that suits your needs. You're good to go in no time.

Over 50 locations to choose from

It's entirely your decision wether to connect to a nearby server or a remote one in order to unlock content or bypass geo-restrictions. We're covering all major continents and we've only just started.

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