How to enable DOH (DNS over https on Chrome)


Learn how to setup Chrome browser to use a DOH (DNS over https) DNS server.

Chrome introduced support for DOH in the latest updates but this feature remains hidden for the moment and can only be enabled by tweaking some internals.

With this addition Chrome confirms that Firefox made the right move becoming a more privacy-oriented browser and concentrating its efforts towards that goal. We're not 100% sure what the stable release will look like but we will keep an eye on these settings once they find their way in - if they do.

The flags can be altered by navigating to chrome://flags/#dns-over-https. Once there, look for the Secure DNS lookups setting and enable it. When enabled, an input is revealed that you can use to enter your DOH url. You can use the DnsAdBlock DOH endpoint from your configuration, relaunch and you're done.

Chrome DOH - DNS over https

Remember that adding your DOH url to chrome will affect only the connections performed by Chrome. We recommend setting your DNS system-wide instead - even better, on the router.