Block by groups
All our rules are groupped together into groups that can be enabled or disabled at any time.
 Create your own rules
If our database is missing some entries or you want to block something you can create your own set of rules.
 Bypass geo restrictions
Many websites filter their requests and geo-restrict their content based on DNS location. You can now bypass these limitations.
 Bypass ISP restrictions
A lot of time, the ISP is filtering, blocking or altering the DNS results. You can now bypass these limitations.
 Choose your location
Our servers are groupped together by location and you can pick any server that suits your specific needs.
 Customize by connection
Our rules can be enabled by groups and each connection you define can have a different set of groups enabled or disabled.
 Lockdown mode
In lockdown mode all requests are denied except for the ones that are whitelisted by you.
 Safe search option
When SafeSearch is on, it helps block explicit images, videos, and websites from search engine results.
 Age restrictions
Each connection you define can have a minimum age specified. Each rule that is supposed to be age restricted will then be checked against the age of the connection.
 API available
You can programatically configure your connections and rules using our API. All of our endpoints are exposed via API.
 Light on resources
This is a DNS server and all filtering and processing is done on our servers. This saves you battery or energy.
 Save bandwidth
Since we block everything at a DNS level no requests can go through so you save bandwidth by blocking ads, images, videos and other unwanted content.
 Watch regional shows
Most streaming websites are offering shows that can be viewed only in certain regions. You can enable these shows by picking a DNS Server from that specific region.
 180+ DNS servers
We have over 180 dedicated servers covering all major regions of the globe and we're constantly working on enhancing our infrastructure.
 Time Window activated rules
You can create rules that are active only within a predefined time window. Outside of that window the rules are inactive.
 Over 1.5M rules in our database
Our bots are constantly looking for fresh lists of domains that fit into our blocking category. The list is then checked and maintained weekly.
 Whitelist domains
Rules can be added to whitelist or overwrite the global ones that we maintain. If you want to unlock a domain you can add it to your whitelisted rules.
 Helps keep your privacy
A big part of our blocked domains fall into the "Tracking" category. By blocking tracking websites we help you maintain your privacy.
 Parental controls
With time window activated rules, SafeSearch, Lockddown, Adult content blocking and age restricted content you can protect your children online.
 Protected from malware/phishing
Our list contains tens of thousands of domains known to distribute malware and phishing. Blocking these requests will keep your computer safe.
 Bypass ISP history gathering
Many internet service providers retain your internet history by collecting DNS records. The data can be used for ads or even handed over to the government.
 DNS over TLS (DOT)
Your DNS queries are encrypted and secure. It's like https but for DNS. This prevents eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data via man-in-the-middle attacks.
Your DNS queries are using the regular https port 443 and look like regular web traffic. This also prevents eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Ridiculously low pricing


Works on any device

Up and running with a simple change of your DNS server. No software to install!

Customizable DNS rules

Changing your DNS server takes only a minute. Just browse our list of locations and pick something that suits your needs. You're good to go in no time.

Over 50 locations to choose from

It's entirely your decision wether to connect to a nearby server or a remote one in order to unlock content or bypass geo-restrictions. We're covering all major continents and we've only just started.

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