Internet filtering for parents

Stay in control of the information your children see online

Make "inappropriate content" a thing of the past

The internet can be a scary place, especially for children. No small child should ever browse the internet without proper parental controls in place, without guidance or supervision. With DnsAdBlock you have a lot of control on the browsing experience of your child by enabling specific block lists and safe searches across different engines.

Customizable DNS rules
Block ads, tracking, adult or social media

We have well over 1.5M domains in our filters which are grouped into 10+ categories including ads, adult, tracking, gambling, gaming or social media. You can block all of them with a single click. You can even enable or disable certain groups based on the hour of the day or day of the week.

Some things cannot be unseen

Even us, as adults, cannot resist the urge to click on certain links due to, sometimes, grotesque, repulsive or downright inappropriate content. Imagine the effect that such information can have on your children and their view of the world.

How much is too much?

Define "allowed hours" for certain websites COMMING SOON

Let's not put too much of an accent on the word "inappropriate". Maybe you want to define certain boundaries and allowed hours for certain activities like gaming or social media for example.

With dnsadblock you can enable or disable groups of rules based on the hour of the day or day of the week (weekends can be special we know).

Ridiculously low pricing


Works on any device

Up and running with a simple change of your DNS server. No software to install!

Customizable DNS rules

Changing your DNS server takes only a minute. Just browse our list of locations and pick something that suits your needs. You're good to go in no time.

Over 50 locations to choose from

It's entirely your decision wether to connect to a nearby server or a remote one in order to unlock content or bypass geo-restrictions. We're covering all major continents and we've only just started.

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