How to block all websites, with a few exceptions


In this post we will learn how to block the entire internet while allowing exceptions using our premium DNS service


  • Signup for our service (we have a very generous free plan)
  • Create your configuration
  • Install our software OR configure your router/device to use our DNS server
  • Enable lockdown mode on your configuration
  • Optional: add allowed exceptions/domains

When we developed the "lockdown mode" we had this exact scenario into our heads: classrooms, exams and teachers wanting to allow their students to browse some, but not all, of the internet. I know that the same feature can be useful to certain businesses as well.

I've studied and talked about procrastination in the past and it's something that seriously affects many of us. Sometimes limits and barriers have to be imposed and our service, acting on a router, may be the perfect solution for that.

If you want to block all websites, with some exceptions, look no further as I'll walk you through it. You can do it at the router level (this way it affects all connected clients) or you can do it on a single device. You have to make that choice based on your scenario.

How to block all websites

Once you managed to install our software it's time to set it up and enable the "Lockdown mode". Locate the configuration in effect and toggle the "Lockdown mode" checkbox. It may take up to 4-5 minutes for changes to come into effect but all requests should start being denied soon.

If you're using our software at the router level keep in mind that everybody that is connected will be cut off from the internet.

How to add allowed exceptions

When it's activated, it blocks every request without mercy so make sure to add some "allowed" websites by navigating to the "Filters" page where you can add individual domains into specific categories - one of which is the "Allowed".

The rule you insert supports some tokens:

  • will block only
  • || will block both and
  • * will block and all its subdomains - like a catch-all for everything that may precede the target.

Intended scenarios

Here's a list of scenarios where blocking the internet while allowing some exceptions might be required and beneficial.

  • schools during exams or schools that wish to be in more control over what's being browsed and accessed using their Wi-Fi.
  • offices that suffer losses and degradation in productivity due to procrastination.
  • institutions for protection and prevention - let's not forget that blocking most of the websites also reduces the risk of getting infected with viruses by a great deal.
  • at home - during study or breaks from the digital world. If you're working form home and you get easily distracted our service can help you stay focused. I know it's hard to enforce something on yourself without commitment and proper discipline but, at least use it as a reminder that you should stay on track with your work.