Block ads, malware, adult and other unwanted content with our premium DNS servers


Block ads and other unwanted content

Let's be honest, ads are the very reason that started this whole array of tools designed to block them. Invasive and intrusive they want to get more and more of your time and attention. Your online experience always gets interrupted by ads and other type of content that you did not ask for. With DnsAdBlock you can enjoy a clean experience, safe from ads and many other annoyances.

Ridiculously low pricing


Works on any device

Up and running with a simple change of your DNS server. No software to install!

Customizable DNS rules

Changing your DNS server takes only a minute. Just browse our list of locations and pick something that suits your needs. You're good to go in no time.

Over 50 locations to choose from

It's entirely your decision wether to connect to a nearby server or a remote one in order to unlock content or bypass geo-restrictions. We're covering all major continents and we've only just started.

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